The 1st Annual Scientific Conference of OUHK Institute of Research in Innovative Technology & Sustainability (IRITS) was held in The Open University of Hong Kong on August 24-27, 2016. This conference provided an interactive platform for senior executives from industry, academia and technical leaders in the field of green development. The aim of this conference was to encourage the exchange and cooperation between experts and academia from Hong Kong, Mainland and overseas government, research institution, universities and industries. The scope of discussion covered Water Quality and Resources, Environmental Management, Impact Assessment, Planning and Policy, Environmental Ethics, Environmental Education, Polar Expedition and HAB Microalgae.


香港公開大學創新技術與可持續發展研究所(IRITS)已於2016年8月24-27日在香港公開大學舉行”創新科技及可持續發展研究週”,並已於2016年8月26日舉行開幕儀式,暨 ”第一屆科學研究大會”。這次會議為來自工業界,學術界高級管理人員,綠色發展領域技術領導人,提供了一個互動平台。這次會議的目的是鼓勵來自香港,內地及海外的政府,研究機構,大學和行業的專家和學術界之間的交流與合作。討論的範圍將包括水質和資源,環境管理,環境影響評估,規劃和政策,環境倫理,環境教育,極地科學考察和有害赤潮研究。